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Download your free eBook – Social Media Marketing – A Publishers Handbook

We have launched a FREE eBook to help publishers develop and grow their social media presence. The free eBook can be downloaded as a PDF or as an ePub file.  Click here to download your copy now.

This Social Media Marketing for Publishers eBook contains a wide range of information to help publishers to understand more about social media. As 70% of all UK residents currently use some sort of Social Media whether that be Facebook, Twitter, Bookmarking sites or many other applications, it is clearly an area that all level of employees within a publishing business will need to understand, whether they are a Marketing Executive or the CEO. This eBook offers a great entry level guide to the areas of social media that really are important to publishers.

You’ll learn the same methods that we have used working with well known publishing brands. Key areas covered include social media planning, websites and blogs, Facebook, Twitter, other social media marketing sites, measuring ROI and social media tools.

This eBook is authored by me! I have completed completed consultancy and training for a number of large well known publishers along with many smaller publishers. At LJ Interactive I work alongside a team of enthusiastic social media experts that also work with publishers large and small to inspire, challenge and implement social media strategies as well as offering a range of other digital services to publishers.┬á Visit www.ljinteractive.com for further information or follow us on Twitter ÔÇô www.Twitter.com/ljinteractive.

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Case Study: Playscottishmusic.com – Social Media Training

Recommended LJ Interactive by Publishing Scotland, Play Scottish Music were looking for a bespoke training course that would help them understand key areas of social media better and also give them a better understanding of online market places where they could sell their digital content.

The training course was set up specifically for them with the agenda being:

  1. Selling digital content through online market places
  2. Search Engine Optimisation for Social Media
  3. Social Media Strategy including
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Other networks ÔÇô youtube / flickr etc
    • External networks
  4. Integrating marketing activities

The course was delivered over 3 days at our Oxfordshire offices to the Director and Sales Manager. The level of the course was basic to moderate, and was to help them understand the strategies that they could undertake to increase their exposure rather than go into detail of everything that they could do in the future.

The bespoke training was well received and we received some great feedback from Christine Martine, Director:

ÔÇ£Thank you so much for the very interesting and instructive training last week. We both really enjoyed it very much and you were a great teacher! The forms, spreadsheets and templates will be most useful – very good of you to make them available to us.ÔÇØ

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Facebook pages moves to Timeline functionality – how to make the most of it

On Wednesday 29th February 2012 Facebook announced that it was moving all Facebook Page’s over to Timeline Functionality. This had already happened for personal profiles, so it wasn’t a shock, although this time the period between updates on profile and updates on pages was very small, so a little surprising that it happened so quickly!

Anyway, for Publishers that have spent a while getting their Facebook pages looking nice and also convertible, here are the significant changes you’ll need to make to your page before the 30th March 2012. I’ve used some screen shot examples below, I as yet am to find a publisher website that has made the changes, so Coca Cola and Manchester United will have to do!

Cover Photo - You can now add a large cover photo to your new page layout. This provides an area to be creative in.  The FB small print says that this photo cannot contain pricing, purchase or contact info or calls to action for liking or sharing. I imagine many will not know this and we will see these appear regularly. Your profile picture still remains, so watch how these two work together. Remember that this profile picture is still very important as it was what appears on the feeds when posts are made.

Coca Cola Layout - Facebook Timeline

Larger Pictures on your newsfeed – not only are you getting a cover photo that gives you a whole lot of room for design driven Facebook Pages, the pictures that you post on your feed will also appear a lot bigger rather than just thumbs.

Apps replaces Tabs - your old tabs will change automatically to apps. The main change is in the layout, there are now 12 apps to use, 4 show at the top of the page (under the cover photo) the remainder are shown on using the downwards arrow. The dimensions have changed so you can now put images that are more relevant to content. It is still just as easy to add Fan and non Fan content, so keep using those great tools to help encourage users to like your page.

Default Tabs – You can now not sure a default tab to land your new users on. This used to happen a lot where new users would be defaulted to the Welcome Tab. If you are now running offers on your website etc, you can send them to an app you have created relevant by using the unique link the app provides.

Timeline Milestones – You can now track your publishing house history back as far as it goes. This new functionality gives great scope to remind users of your history and your world outside of digital!

We think that it’s a great change that will mean Publishers can really show who they are and the ethos / spirit and history of the company. Just make sure you use it to the best effect to make you stand out from the crowd.

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Case Study: eBook Conversion and Microsite Development

LJ Interactive was commissioned to complete an eBook conversion for “The Firmament of the Sky Dome” published by Troubador Publishing. Alongside the eBook conversion we created a microsite to compliment the eBook and print version of the title.

The microsite brief was for a basic budget site that allowed the user to preview the book before buying.  Appropriate links were included to allow the book to be purchased as both a hard copy and eBook from any on-line retail outlets which were selling the title.

The eBook conversion was delivered as a dynamic ePub, which will allow the title to be viewed on many eBook readers compatible with this format, including the iPad, Sony Reader, Kobo along with many other reading platforms.

The website can be viewed by following the below link:


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Case Study: Swedish Encyclopaedia – Social Gaming

Swedish Nationalencyklopedin (Ne.se) is continuously updating their website to encourage interaction with their users. We created a range of Flash Games around geographical concepts. The range includes a world jigsaw, match the flags and match the capital cities game.

By use of drag and drop tools, the child is able to find out how much they know about World Geography. With well timed help throughout the games reinforces the knowledge that they are gaining.

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