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Barnes and Noble launches a new Nook “The Simple Touch Reader”

Barnes and Noble announced that it has 25% of the eBook market, not long after that it has unveiled their new small touchscreen eReader at BEA 2011 – “The Simple Touch Reader”.

Pitched to compete with the Amazon Kindle at $139, The Simple Touch Reader Nook is wifi only, as is the Kindle that it competes with at that price.

However, it’s got a few bells and whistles on the Amazon Kindle – firstly and one that we covet most, it has a touchscreen. We always find it so frustrating swopping from iPad to Kindle the fact that you can’t use touchscreen! The other benefit of a touchscreen is that there is only one button, so space saving. It is also smaller than the Kindle but it still has the same 6 inch screen, they’ve just reduced the outer area. Oooh and the battery life is twice as long, and it’s lighter than the Kindle!


The All New Simple Touch Nook - first look - pictures thanks to Fast Company

There’s already rumours that Amazon will be close to follow with a new eReader launching in December, we think it will be along these more interactive themes. I doubt they will be that keen

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