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Case Study: Playscottishmusic.com – Social Media Training

Recommended LJ Interactive by Publishing Scotland, Play Scottish Music were looking for a bespoke training course that would help them understand key areas of social media better and also give them a better understanding of online market places where they could sell their digital content.

The training course was set up specifically for them with the agenda being:

  1. Selling digital content through online market places
  2. Search Engine Optimisation for Social Media
  3. Social Media Strategy including
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • Other networks ÔÇô youtube / flickr etc
    • External networks
  4. Integrating marketing activities

The course was delivered over 3 days at our Oxfordshire offices to the Director and Sales Manager. The level of the course was basic to moderate, and was to help them understand the strategies that they could undertake to increase their exposure rather than go into detail of everything that they could do in the future.

The bespoke training was well received and we received some great feedback from Christine Martine, Director:

ÔÇ£Thank you so much for the very interesting and instructive training last week. We both really enjoyed it very much and you were a great teacher! The forms, spreadsheets and templates will be most useful – very good of you to make them available to us.ÔÇØ

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