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How To Stop Google Mail Adding Gaps To Email images

It is good practice to test send your emails and view them through the different email clients and browsers in order to ensure the consistency of your email message.

By test sending emails, you can fix any problems before customers come into contact with them – leading to a more reliable, professional consistent image of your company.

In the last few months we have noticed a problem when viewing our test emails in Google Mail.

The complete email image appears in Gmail with horizontal white gaps intermittently throughout the email, whilst appearing as it should do in every other email provider including Hotmail, Yahoo and Outlook.

How To Solve The Gmail Email Image Split Problem…

On closer inspection it turns out that these white gaps which are appearing in the Google Mail email, are actually spaces in between the slices of the email image. If you produce your emails by creating a large image, it is best practice to slice it up and include text in the alt tag in order to lower your spam score and maximise delivery. Why if the images are loading perfectly well for Outlook, Hotmail and Yahoo are there problems with Gmail specifically?

It turns out that Google have recently made some updates recently which have lead to these issues, and is nothing to do with Fireworks (or whatever you have exported your image from).

If you haven’t managed to fix it, you are not alone. One of the biggest names on high street recently sent out an email which when viewed in Google Mail had exactly the same display problem.

In order to fix this issue, you need to add into each image tag, a display block which removes this annoying gap between slices. Add to each image tag in your email style=”display:block”.

This needs to be inserted for each image in the html of your email in order to end up with a fully formatted gap-free email in Gmail.

Previous Image Tag:

< img src="/images/seo_service.jpg" alt="SEO services" />

Updated Image Tag:

< img style="display:block" src="/images/seo_service.jpg" alt="SEO services" />


Use this code and you will find your Google Mail emails no longer have white spaces in and are perfectly formed again!

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    This solved one of the greatest headaches we had with our newsletters. Thanks for the help!