Digital Products for Publishers

Developing digital products to generate additional revenue for your business, whether directly or indirectly is imperative for publishers as we move further into the digital era. It is the book publishing industry which has been and will continue to be affected most by the increasing popularity of consuming digital content. This content is something that of course you, as publishers, have a lot of. Therefore using this content in a variety of formats will make best use of this investment.

Digital products for publishers can take a variety of forms including:

Digital products can be developed to create publishers additional revenue, or to help publishers sell more physical books. These two options can be used independently, although we recommend that both are optimised if at all possible to create a rounded digital strategy.

LJ Interactive can work with you to create digital products that fit with your digital strategy and requirements. If you are not sure what you should be doing in the digital arena then we also offer digital strategy consultancy.

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